A Gang Of Burglars Who Fearlessly Commits Crimes – Ayngaran

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A Gang Of Burglars Who Fearlessly Commits Crimes - Ayngaran

Do you like watching movies that have action and violence? Do you enjoy watching movies that have strong power play and Gang Wars? Then you must enjoy watching  Tamil movies  during your free time. 

One such great Tamil movie that has action and thriller at the same time is Ayngaran. This movie is a great watch for the days when you do not know what you want to watch. Jump straight to the ahaplatform and watch your favorite movies and series for free.

The cast of Ayngaran

This excellent crime thriller movie has been directed by none other than Ravi Arasu. Tollywood stars who are casted in the movie are GV Prakash Kumar, KaaliVenkat, Aruldas, AadukalamNaren, HareeshPeradi, and MahimaNambiar.

The plot of Ayngaran

The entire story of the movie Ayngaran features a mechanical engineer who is hellbent on inventing unique machines. The machine invented by this young engineer saves the life of a 4 year old baby girl. Along with that, it also brings trouble as it unravels a mysterious ornery case in the city.

The engineer is so determined to make the inventions that he faces failure a couple of times as his proposals keep on getting rejected. This gravely disappointed him. However, as the plot proceeds further, it is noted that he madly falls in love with a girl. Now both lives get entangled with one another. Watch the movie to learn what happens next in their lives.

What to expect from Ayngaran

The movie Ayngaran is one of the greatest hits of crime thriller movies. If you are someone who enjoys movies that have a touch of human emotions, then this is the perfect fit for you. The most attractive feature of the movie is that it has a strong social message for all its viewers.

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Watch the Crime Thriller Movie.

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